3D Printing Enclosures: It Just Makes Sense!

We often hear that 3d printing can bring the customer closer to production than ever before and this is just the perfect demonstration.

It all started with an enquiry for a short run of enclosures for the entertainment industry.
From the first napkin sketch we modelled the casings around the actual components to ensure a perfect fit once printed.

The beauty of this process is the design freedom that makes product development literally a walk in the park compared to injection moulding and milling processes.

Through a series of quick changes to the initial design we’ve met and surpassed our Customer expectations adding useful features to the model and developing an ergonomic design able to withstand the daily abuse of a busy work environment.

The final product is a beautiful example of how additive manufacturing is the most sensible choice for custom prototypes and small series components with a perfect balance between form and function.

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