3D Printing:
How Much Does it Cost?


Our Pricing Structure

Here you’ll find all the information regarding pricing and discounts for our 3d printing services. Click on the relevant section or scroll through the page to learn more.

Cost Parameters

 How do we calculate the cost of your 3d prints?

3D Printing Material

Once a model is uploaded to our system, the quoting software will calculate the amount of material to be used during the printing process, including supports where necessary.

TIP: Avoid large cantilevered features to reduce the amount of support needed, select a low infill percentage for your prototypes and production tests.

Manufacturing Time

Complex models and geometries require longer processing times.
This parameter covers a range of factors including machine cost, depreciation and maintenance.

TIP: Keep it simple, reduce the amount of small features, logos, writings, holes, recesses and unsupported sections to speed up the print!

3D Printing Specifications

These are additional factors we use to calculate the total cost of your project, including quantity of items, type of material and finishes.

TIP: Order multiple copies of the same part and take advantage of our batch discounts, use a cheaper material like ABS+ for prototypes and testing.

Turnaround Options

Production in 1-2 business days

Jump ahead of the queue and receive your prints in as quick as 48 hrs.
+70% Over standard pricing

(available only for FDM 3d printing)

Production in 3-5 business days

The perfect solution for ongoing product development projects and low volume batches.

Production in 10-12 business days

Ideal for repeated orders, stock up your warehouse or just have some spares for those quick turnaround jobs.
-20% Over standard pricing

Production times do not include shipping. Orders cannot be refunded once production has started.

Batch Discounts

Batch discounts are automatically applied when ordering multiple copies of the same model.


2+ copies


5+ copies


10+ copies


25+ copies


100+ copies


200+ copies

Shipping Options


Royal Mail 48 Hr Tracked and Signed to UK



Parcel Force – Royal Mail International Standard
5-7 business day delivery

£19.90 excl. VAT


Royal Mail 24 Hr Tracked and Signed to UK

£6.90 excl. VAT


Minimum Cost per Part

The minimum cost per part is £2.50.
Batch discounts still apply, lowering the minimum part cost as the number of parts rises.

Student Discount

We offer 20% OFF to all students.
To get your discount reach out to us with your university/school email address and select the “student discount” option on the form.
You will receive a confirmation email once the discount is ready to be used on your account.

Minimum Order Value

The minimum order value is £20.00 plus VAT for both FDM and SLA printing processes.
Shipping fees are excluded.