MAKEITQUICK Ltd Terms and Conditions

MAKEITQUICK offers a manufacturing service of your designs through this Website. In order to use the services provided on the MAKEITQUICK website you need to be of legal age to make a binding contract.

To order a print you first upload your file on the MAKEITQUICK website; choose material, color and post process finishing options. Once the model has been checked for manufacturability by our instant quoting system you will be able to select the best delivery option for you, checkout and complete your purchase.
MAKEITQUICK reserves the right to discontinue those orders that do not meet our technical guidelines outlined in the GOOD TO KNOW section of the MAKEITQUICK Website.
Orders containing firearms, weapons and their components will be rejected.

The price displayed during the quoting process is inclusive of manufacturing services, labour and shipping when applicable. MAKEITQUICK reserves the right to change its prices without notice.
Payment must be made in full and received by MAKEITQUICK to start production. Payments are to be made exclusively through the Website, other methods of payment will need to be agreed before commencing of production.

The average time required to produce the model is 2-3 working days on average. These are and remain ESTIMATES and NOT GUARANTEED.
Your order will be delivered to the shipping address provided during the purchase of the service on the MAKEITQUICK Website. MAKEITQUICK is not liable for any delay, damage or cost caused by the delay in shipping or delivery.

As the products are printed based on your specifications, there is no right to return or possibility of cancelling your order after the purchase has been completed.
Upon delivery of the parts, we expect you to thoroughly examine the product/products. If upon inspection you feel the product is not conform with the order you should contact us within 14 days after your receipt of the product.
We are not responsible for the design of the product and we will not accept returns unless all the design guidelines on the GOOD TO KNOW section have been respected and the product is clearly different from the original design and/or presents quality defects.
MAKEIQUICK does not consider quality defects all those characteristics intrinsic of the manufacturing process and clearly mentioned in the WHAT TO EXPECT section of the MAKEITQUICK Website.
DO NOT return products without having received an explicit request from MAKEITQUICK to do so.

With the utilization of the MAKEIQUICK services you confirm that you are the rightful owner of the design or that you have obtained explicit permission from the original owner to submit the order to this service.
All images, texts and contents present on the Website are sole property of MAKEITQUICK Ltd. By submitting your designs to our service you agree to MAKEITQUICK using your name and logo royalty free for its own marketing material

All information and content obtained through the Website are provided “as is” and without warrant of any kind. MAKEITQUICK will not be liable to any user or third parties for any direct damages, lost profits, contracts, business opportunities, loss of income, revenue, data, time or goodwill.
Our liability is limited to the maximum extents permitted by UK law.
Under no circumstances MAKEITQUICK can be held liable for any product defects which have been requested and analysed during the quotation phase.

By submitting orders you consent to the processing of your personal data such as name, e-mail address and contact details in order for MAKEITQUICK to process your purchase.
MAKEITQUICK will use your data to improve product and services and provide you with the latest relevant information. Your personal data may be disclosed to third parties in order to fulfil your order or part of it.

By accessing and using the MAKEITQUICK Website you express your agreement with the following Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to alter, update or delete material from the Website at any time.
MALEITQUICK also reserves the right to revise the Terms and Conditions, legal disclaimer or other policies present on the Website. Any continued use of the Website shall be deemed conclusive of your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions ant the abovementioned policies.
This Website and its content are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights. All of the Website contents will require explicit consent from MAKEITQUICK in order to be used or divulgated for any purposes.