Get Ready For Your Next Expo With Makeitquick

If a picture speaks more than a thousand words and a video is even better we can assure you that a scaled model is the best way to showcase your new product and translate all those potential customers into sales.

In this case our Client wanted to demonstrate how effective their new product was compared to the previous version so they contacted us to manufacture a series of scaled models.

From the sketches provided we took care of the CAD design and printed the blanks in strong ABS plastic.

Thanks to our post processing facility we primed and painted the models to a colour chosen by our Customer.

We then completed the presentation with high quality decals for a stunning result.

It has been extremely easy doing business with Marco at MakeitQuick. We were on a short deadline with Christmas right in the middle and everything was delivered exactly as promised. The model we had printed was spot on. Would certainly recommend this service and use them again, should we have a need. Thanks again Marco!

Louise, Aquatrols Europe Ltd

From start to finish we thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and the final results were just amazing. Thanks to to the whole Team at Aquatrols Europe we are looking forward to work again with you guys.

Are you ready to impress your new customers? Get in touch now and let us take care of the hard work for you!